Weird problem since dubbing

Spacewalker AK35GTR
AMD AthlonXP 1700+
Corsair 512megs DDR2100
Visiontek Xtasy Gf3Ti200
Plextor 8/4/32 (rev. 1.07)

I installed the latest CloneCD ( I made a backup of Morrowind and it looks fine. However, the installation stops at 10%.

This is teh funny part of it all…

I did a previous copy using an earlier version of CCD and everything works except for the copy protection (and the game ran without a hitch). However, this first copy also now FAILS to install past 10%. I had this installed before trying to make the second, near perfect copy.

I used the game profiles that I found on this board and ClonyXXL for the detection of the detection. I also used the “Turn on AWS & Hide CDR” fix that was on the board.

Even weirder…

I installed from the initial one yesterday without any problem. However, now, on mulitple PC’s … nada. They all stop on 10% from the inital copy … weird

That’s a concern because it’s the backup that’ll save your ass if the original goes south. Maybe media? Using good stuff? A failed installation points to a failed CRC on any .cab files or other compressed archives on the disc.

I’ve narrowed it down to a bad copy of the original. The only thing stopping me now is getting my wife to stop playing the friggin thing…