Weird problem mainpage - reviews Bluray drives from LG and Liteon

The last 2 reviews posted for Bluray (LG and Liteon) give me a weird problem with the main page.

When I click through on the newspage to these reviews and there click to go to the conclusion page of the review, it won’t load. If I then try to go to the main page this won’t load either. Going elsewhere (google for instance) and then returning to the main page it still won’t load. I have to wait quite a bit for it to work again.

Using Firefox 1.508.

I only have this with these 2 reviews, never had it before.


i’m not sure about your problem, but firefox has been updated, can you update yours and see if you still have problems

I’d have to update to v2, and for the moment I’d rather not, I’ll wait till they fix the bugs in that one :slight_smile:

But I’ll try and reactivate my Internet Explorer, and report back.

edit: OK, I found I still have IE6 on my installation and tried the Liteon review. In the review I clicked on the “Conclusion” link and it just keeps trying to load that for ever. Same issue as with Firefox.


Moomin: Odd. I just tried the same thing with IE6 here, and it worked just fine. Maybe something is up with your computer? Are you running some kind of personal firewall for example?

Yes, Outpost. I’ll give it a try and disable it. Weird tho, if that should be it, I can get just about every other page on the web and on CDFreaks. What would be on those pages that the firewall blocks them ??

edit: well I’ll be… it is Outpost who’s blocking it, if I kill it, I can get on the pages. The message in the logs that keeps popping up is:
ICMP Traffic Destination Unreachable/3 Inbound

First time for everything I guess. How can I teach Outpost to let me on these pages without having to disable it? Why the hickup on the ICMP message which I gather is just telling Outpost the page is unreachable??

Anyway, thanks for the tip!


I’m having the same problem with FireFox v2 but IE6 works fine.