Weird problem burning



I recently changed media from Fuji 8x DVD+R to TY 8x DVD+R, and plugged my external iomega 16x burner straight into the wall outlet instead of an extension. The latter, I did cause the burner stopped recognizing DVD±R media due to insufficient voltage provided by the extension.

Anyway, my problem is that now the movies will burn, but the last 8 attempts ended up as coasters. After every single burn, i use DVDINFOPRO to check the backup for errors. The check usually starts fine, but after a certain point the read-in speed of the error check slows down very significantly, and at the transition point there is usually a block or two of errors.

Could anyone tell me what my problem might be? I have tried lowering burn speed from 16x to 12x to 8x, with the same problem. Could it be the compatibility of the media with my burner? Or the fact that it has too much power now from the wall outlet? Thanks in advance.


It seems like upgrading my Firmware helped.

Edit: I spoke too soon. I think things are even worse. Now the backups have way more errors from the very beginning… i really don’t know what to do.



You might want to change to -R’s and see if that helps-

My two NEC 3500’s seem to produce better results with -R medias-



Don’t burn at 8x or 16x. It is too fast most of the time (especially for a external drive). Stick with 2 or 4x speed.

Get some RW’s and try them at 2x or 4x.


Sorry, but I thought I should update.
For some reason, it is working perfectly fine with Verbatim 16x DVD+R. So, DVD+R isn’t the problem, and i’ve isolated the problem to TY 8x DVD+R media. I only got 100 of them cause everyone said they were so reliable. Is this a problem with the media or my drive then? I got them from btw.


TY media is generally one the best manufacturers. What is more important is to use the best media for the writer.

Try burning the TY media at 2x speed.