Weird probelm with DVD Decrypter / Nero 6

Somebody, please, help. Fresh out of ideas.

I decrypted files using DVD Decrypter file mode. Burned them onto DVD using Nero 6. The results are:

PowerDVD plays both files from HDD and DVD+R.

When I put DVD+R into the player, it chokes somewhere in the middle. Sometimes it works but at one point I get digitized garbage (red squares, etc). And sometime I get a message “Can’t read disk” after this. The original DVD works fine. And I have different disk on the same media (my own DVDs authored from MPEGs) that work as well so I don’t think it’s media issue.

Anyone got any ideas?

I assume you use DVD Decrypter to rip ALL files off the original DVD ? You cant just rip the few you want and burn to a DVDR and expect it to play.

Your PC will play just about anything thrown at it, so thats expected.

Your DVD Player may be on a knike edge on DVD+R playability, some will some wont. The older dvd+r’s you have (yours authored from MPEG’s) were they also burn with Nero 6 ? If not, suggest using what ever you burn them with, remembering the latest is not always the greatest.

Thanks for the respose. I think it was some kind of one time error. I decrypted all files again, wrote them onto a new DVD+R and it seems to work fine now.

As far as files went, I did write only selected files: original DVD has 4x3 and 16x9. So I got rid of 4x3 files since I don’t need them. If I select 4x3 from the menu, it gets confused obviously, but 16x9 plays fine now. And anyway, it was some kind of encoding problem in the middle of the chapter.

Anyway, all is well now. Thank you.

Might have been a bad burn or bad media. If you still have the old disc and a LiteOn DVD ROM/writer, run KProbe and see if it shows more errors in the latter part of the disc.

You can find more info about Kprobe by searching the forum for articles with the word kprobe in the title. Also, see the DVD Media forum for some scans of different discs.