Weird prob: can burn dvds... can`t burn cd`s ?!?



hiho all…

finally i found this forum and i think maybe a cd-freak can help me with my weird prob.

since some days i cant burn cds anymore with my liteon GSA-H22L ... the weird thing is: i can burn dvds without any problems. when i burn a audio cd with nero it stops at 7% and the disc spins around in the drive and it sounds weird… like he is searching for something on the disc. then i get the error “track following error”

i updated the firmware … i bought a cleaning disc… nothing helps ?!?

so plz help me if you can and gimme some infos!

p.s. plz excuse my weird english… its not my native language.


Welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

What blank CD media are you using?

Can you post a Nero burn log? If you do, be sure to remove your serial code, and place the whole log in [CODE*]yourtexthere[/CODE*] tags (remove the *'s, and put your text where it says “yourtexthere”).


did u try burning different cd’s? and try cdrw’s to make u cost lesser if it still fails u can just rewrite on it.


i tried philips, tdk and some no-name cd`s. every time the same result.

he write the lead-in and then he stops writing. when i check the disc after the error with nero he tell me it is full of audio tracks. when i wanna play them with winamp there is nothing :expressionless: he shows the tracks but when i press play he makes only a “buzzing” sound. thats so weird.