Weird Philips / LiteOn drive needs to be bitset

My brother has what seems to be a Philips / LiteOn dvd burner.
He lives out of state and doesn’t know much about dvd burners.
I’m want to show him bitseting to “DVD-ROM” his DVD+R’s.
Is there a program that’s free and would work on the Philips brand of LiteOn to permanently set it to “DVD-ROM”? He has Window XP Home ED. :slight_smile:

They do have on their liteon site a software you can download to set the booktype to -ROM. But for older units it will not save the settings but on newer models like my 20A1H LL0C unit it will save the setting so next time when you burn to +R or +R DL media they will be booktyped to -ROM.
Here a link to liteon

then download the BookType / Bitsetting Utility for Optical Storage Products. And run that and see if it recognize the drive.

Ok, thanks. I’ll have to see if this works later, when I can talk to him. :smiley:

Are you going to visit him? If not just give him this thread address and he can read how.

Just copy that link and email it to him if your unable to get to his location.