Weird or normal?

I have a Lite-On LH-20A1P 20x DVD Writer.

When writing the lead-in its very loud, the disc spins at full speed. Its loud while writing upto 4x speed and then when the disc hits 6x write speed its silent and its also silent at 8x write.

I don’t have any media faster than 8x but why oh why is the drive so loud at lead-in and 4x? :frowning:

Every Liteon burner that I’ve ever had has always been loud at the lead-in and
lead-out phase of writing. :wink:

They also take longer than any other drive in that lead-in phase.

Just how much longer do they take and can it be fixed via a future firmware?

It is not that big a deal but I would say in some cases twice as long as some other drives. I don’t know if they will fix it in the future or even if it is on their things to do.

If I remember correctly every Liteon drive that I’ve ever owned has always
taken a long time on the lead-in and lead-out like beef barley said sometimes
it takes twice as long. I’ve had some discs take up to 2+ minutes on the lead-
in and up to 1+ minutes on the lead-out while other discs only take 30 seconds
or less on the lead-in and lead-out. :confused: