Weird NEC kprobe results, high spikes?

I’m consistenly getting some weird kprobe results – can you guys take a look and let me know if this is okay or should I try to find a firmware that reduces the spikes?


try search: your hints are kprobe and spike… go get em!

Did you overclock your 811S?
It is probably that, just ignore the spikes.

nope, the drive that I used to burn the disc was an nec2500a and the kprobe was ran on liteon 811s not overclocked.

searched but couldn’t find a lot of info. re: the 2500a … can someone point me to the right direction?

It’s the LiteOn drive. Don’t worry about it.

okay, thanks worker :slight_smile:

what he means is that your liteon burner is causing the spikes not the 2500. also when you have a spike on the pif either at the beginning or the end you can right click on that part of the graph and chose something like remove the spike to make the important part of the graph ( 5 or less) visable again

you got a spiky liteon, same as me
suspected mechanical fault in liteon worm drive, forget they are there

Results from the Lite-On 811S cannot be trusted.
I have one and it scans like crap.
It’s an awful scanner.

I have a Liteon 851S & used to get some great scans with Kprobe 2.3.2 recently I updated to 2.4.2 & have been having some eratic scans? I used to average PI 11 over PIF 2 now Im getting middle 100s see scan. Ive also tried 2 or 3 scans on the same DVD to find no consistency what so ever? :a I shall go back to KProbe 2.3.2 & try again! Im still using my Nec 2500A.
Edit: Just remembered I also did a flash upgrade tp my 851S it could even be that?
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Here is a scan using Kprobe 2.3.2 same DVD as above. Now what can you rely on? Not even the same shap graph. :eek:
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plain and simple BOTH are right as in each case the drive is reporting what it “sees”

truly the only important test is if it will play. try it in a dvd player. do a transfer rate graph. those are tests that will really tell you if the disc is worthwhile.

That’s really weird - those spikes. I have a BenQ burner and it does error scanning. But, I have never seen spikes like the ones in the KProbe scans above. Is this a LiteOn anomaly? Are only certain models affected?

liteon error scanning is most certainly variable based on model/firmware.

i had a similar situation which caused me to evaluate having a benq because my 411 was reporting huge errors with 8x media but not with 4x or 2.4 media. the benq showed that the 411 was wrong but was not a fast enough reader for me since it would have been used for ripping so i ended up with a liteon 1633 which seems to be stable for the momement on error scanning with higher speed (up to 16x) media and rips at really fast speeds.

Would a burn that was deep into regular underrun recovery suffer spikes at the link blocks?

Testing your scanning solution on a pressed DVD in good condition may be a useful crosscheck - if that looks ratty, then everything will.

no. the errors that constitute pif are not the same thing as Bufferunderruns.

Try CD / DVD Speed. It’s more reliabe.