Weird NEC 2510A Problem



Now it burns as it should but when it comes to reading check this out! CDR AUDIO AND DATA reading works fine and fast. DVD ripping as it should both dvd pressed and dvd-r and pressed dvd-dl. But when it comes to PRESSED CD’S BOTH AUDIO AND DATA it reads them at 4x speed thats about 600-700kb!
I mean what is this? i changed chipset drivers, dma is on, changed cables changed settings (it was secondary master i circled it around no change) stock firmware latest rpc1 firmware with riplock, danger brothers, herrie, i’ve tried everything. THE DAMN THINK WORKS FINE WITH EVERYTHING BOTH READING AND WRITING EXCEPT WHEN IT COMES TO PRESSED ONLY CD’S, BOTH AUDIO AND DATA. I mean 700kb?!! come on!!! HELP ME GUYS


Need to get a firmware with riplock disabled


Like i said i have used a hacked version of the 2.18 with riplocked removed and 2.16 with riplocked removed firmware. Its only on pressed cd’s not dvd’s not cd-r’s. just pressed cd’s data and audio. if it was locked so would dvd extraction and data or audio extraction from cd-r’s Why ONLY PRESSED CD’S BOTH DATA AND AUDIO - NOT CD-R’S AND DVD’S PRESSED AND DVD-R’S But like i said i HAVE used firmwares with riplock removed.


Sounds like some protection interfering to me. Data and audio CD’s can be troublesome anyhow from what I know.


just to check i did a ac/dc back in black pressed cd and it started @ 13 and ended @25 x


Mixed data and audio CD’s always give me trouble.


To check i tried making imagefiles from Deftones - White Pony (mixed audio and data) and A Perfect Circle - Thirteen Steps (audio with copy protection data track), both pressed cds of course. No problems at all, ripping started at 15x with both Nero and CloneCD. I’m using maddog’s 2.F9 firmware with riplock removed.

Makes you wonder about the effectiveness of copy protection though… :slight_smile:

“No artists were hurt in the making of this post!”


Shit! Now if i had trouble with protected cd’s i’d understand. But its all with pressed cd’s with no protection. The other drive my plextor 116a works fine. What could it be? Could it be some weird protection from some pressed cd that i used in the drive and didnt know it was protected? and it installed something on my pc? but why only pressed cd’s data and audio and NO problems with pressed DVD’S DVD-R’S or cd-r’s?


can you do a cdspeed tranfer rate test and post the result?


ok. here. cd-r audio ~14x-32x on full 80min cd. data cd-r ~14x-32x on full 700mb cdr. dual layer pressed dvd up to ~6x thought it wasnt full. single layer pressed up to 10x dvd-r up to ~7x. so far so good. testing is with nero cd/dvd speed. NOW WITH PRESSED CD BOTH AUDIO AND DATA ~4,40X UP TO 5,50X ~(700-1000kb!!!) TOPS!!! THATS WHAT I MEAN!!


thank for explaining how about showing?

cdspeed lets yousave screen shots of it and that could be a great deal of help…


OK first image is cd-r audio a rock collection i made. second cd is a cd-r data with a divx movie in it. 3rd is a pressed audio cd with no protection and 4th a pressed data cd with no protection. (the results are pretty much the same with any PRESSED CD I TRY, yet dvd reading is normal this only happens with pressed cd’s)


honestly, i have no idea. i’m almost wondering if it is some sort of software. my experience with the drive is, well here are a couple of scans of pressed discs:

bowie - the singles 69-93 disc 1
msdn library for windows Vis Studio CD1


Well. I think the drive is dying! It wont write above 4x and it cannot erase and/or recognise cd-rw and dvd-rw. all my drive that have died over the years started with rw media trouble. 2 phillips cd-r drives three pioneer cd-roms and 1 pionner dvd-rom drive. if a drive connot erase and then screws up with a rw disk with wich there were no problems in the begining (the disk has been writen over only twice) and since my friends 708 plextor erases and writes it properly its a safe bet my nec i dying on me.
Now since i’m going for a new dvd-rw any suggestions? Money is no object. It has to be internal atapi not sata and for gods sake it has to last. My thought is the PLEXTOR 716a. What do you think? It’s around 120-130 euros here in greece retail package.


last plex i owned was a 8x scsi cd burner so not going to be much help… might want to check out the plexy forum.