Weird ND-3520 problem


i bought an 3520 drive 2 months ago and was very pleased with it. I have always been flashing the drive with the latest liggy & dee firmware. Now, I have this strange problem wich started about 2 weeks ago.

The first DVD+R disc I try to burn is always a failure, the second attempt at it always is a succes. When I burn the first disc my drive makes a weird sound when writing the lead-in and the lead-out. I don’t have this weird sound when burning the second disc. This problem happend to me 4 times in a row so I don’t think it is pure coicidance.

When I Check the back of the first disc, I see there is actually data written on the disc but I am unable to read the content (recongnises as a blanc CD) in both my 3520 and my standard DVD-ROM drive.

I use Mitsui (taiyo Yuden T02) DVD+R 8X discs , I burn @ 8X (8-9 minutes)

OS: Windows XP PRO SP2, Nero burning ROM and I am currently running firmware version 1.U9.

Any help is really appreciated.


Unfortunately these are fake T02 media and that is basically the problem.
The media code is T02 the media dye will be something else and have little chance of burning with any sort of quality, or even burning at all.


thanks 4 your reply. The thing is, I bought these 25 disc’s spindle from CD Freaks Shop. So you’re saying there are some fake T02 disc’s on that spindle ?!! :confused:

when the burn is a succes , the transfer rate test with cd/dvd speed gives me a very smooth reading curve (great quality) so I really think the problem lies elsewhere.


Even fake TY media will burn once in a while and the NEC drive has a very good ability to burn cheap discs. If Dee-27 says they are fake, they are.

Try or or for genuine TY.

I want to believe it, but, I didn’t have this problem in the beginning. All burns were near perfect with a nice reading curve. Now my first burn is always a failure and the second one is always perfect (that goes beyond me)

If someone would say that they are fake, then pls show me some proof and i’ll believe it immediatly.

Here’s the link to the CD Freaks Item wich i bought. (dutch)
and here’s is a link for more information: (english)