Weird MPEG and VOB conversion/decoding issue...Plz help

Ok, I’ve got some mpeg and vob files:

I’m trying to use WMP10 to sync files to my Personal Media Player (.wmv) format.
The player won’t convert them, nor will Windows Media Encoder.
I have Cyberlink MPEG decoder and NVidia MPEG Decoder installed and Windows Decoder Checkup utility says they are fully compatible with Windows MEdia Player 10 and it’s sync utility.

I can PLAY the files in WMP10 and DivX Player.

I tried using DVD Shrink to rip some of Aeon Flux original episodes.

The only program that will read these for editing is VideoReDo. Video Redo has an option to save to MPEG, but these files seem to be uncompliant to convert with just about any program. I can use TMPEnc to Author and re-encode, but the files never “leave” mpeg format, in this case.

I’m semi confused and currently searching for some kind of “vod” decoder, or some mpeg decoder other that MPEG-2

Let me know where i’m at…


I’ve got a new mobo on the way to replace my MSI with VIA chipset…It’s an ASUS with Intel 865PE chipset…I’ve had XP issues with IRQ_LESS_NOT_EQUAL and other blue screen of death errors for ever…Originally, I replaced mobo, processor and RAM (twice now)…On RAM, memtest says errors with brand new HyperX sticks and dual channel doesn’t work (BSD errors)…Video adapter should not be affecting my video processing…BSD errors happen when I do heavy workloads.

Intel chipsets, with Intel CPU’s!!! I thought MSI was a good board, but they do have issues…

So frustrating!