Weird message on powerdvd...need help!


I had previously ripped 5-8 movies with dvd2one 1.02 and didnt rnu into any problems.

Last nite i ripped “Who wants to be john malkovich?” (regino 1) with dvd decrypter, chose full-disk mode in dvd2one 1.1.1 and burned with nero …but everytime i try to play the disc on power dvd all i get is a “the discs region code doesnt match the players code”…i was really surprised, because AFAIK the regino code is taken away during dvd decrypting right?..anyway i tried 2 o3 r different dvd software players with the same luck…

Just so you can get an idea, i do NOT get a windows or powerdvd “error window”, but that error message (reguion code) INSIDE the stream!!!

Any ideas of what might be wrong? Thank you!

open each ifo file with IfoEdit and click on “region free” button (or something like that).
Save each ifo file that you correct the region code.
then reburn.
worked for me.

Thats weird, because dvd decrypter is supossed to delete the region code…but i will try your tip tonight, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

@ suppafly,

Suggest you open your copy of DVD Decrypter and navigate to “Tools”,” Settings” and check the box “Defaults” located on the lower left bottom of the page. This will reset DVD Decrypter to remove all region codes and copy protections when ripping.

I hope this corrects your problems will DVD Decrypter.


Thank you too, i will try all this suggestions when i go home tonight :slight_smile:

The odd thing though is that the error message is INSIDE the stream…(like the fbi warnings for instance)


I had the same thing happen on I Spy. Used smartripper and InstantCopy. First time this had happened but the disc played okay on my standalone.