Weird lock up's


For the past 2 months I have been suffering from weird lock up’s on my PC. some times I boot and it will freeze, others I can go 2 day’s without a freeze. I have gone all the way down to just 1 HD and video card and it still freezes. I reformatted my HD tried 2 different drives and it will still freeze. changed my power supply tried different cards and I will still lock up and freeze. so now the only 2 things it could be is either my Mother board or CPU. which should I roll the dice and replace?

Here is my system

ASUS P4P800-E Delux
P-4 3.2E
EVGA TV turner card

Tried my Antec true power 550 and an Aspire 500 power supply.

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Try to update to the latest BIOS for you MoBo. Also, when in the boot process is it freezing? What type of OS are you using? Windows? XP? Home or Pro?

Yes I up date my bios,
It will boot into windows it will freeze just when windows is loading on work for a few days then freeze.
I reformatted XP home SP1 and 2 a couple of times then put on XP Media Center and still same problem

Think I will get a new MB

Do you have several devices sharing the same IRQ?

I have that all set on auto
I have gone down to just HD and video card and it still locked

Mkay, try using one stick of RAM.

I’d say you’ve got bad ram or the BIOS memory timing settings are too high. Try loading the fail safe defaults in the BIOS set-up. And disable any fast writes.

I thought the P4 3.2E was only 800FSB?, if so your PC2700 is probably causing the problem because its too slow

Ok I have done replace and swap on almost everything. I went out and spent big $$$ and got a new MB still locks! went and got a 512 stick of Micron DDR400 and still locks. sitting pissed for the new year! It can only be 1 of 2 things video or CPU! My CPU runs cool! I up the voltage to my video card by +.2v and it has not locked yet. Could this be the problem? Should I RMA my video card?

Certainly could, run the box as is for a few days… If cranking voltage on video fixed the problem you could just leave it alone or of course RMA it. But a +.2 bump on the Video card won’t hurt anything… :cool:

well the overvolt was not the problem… dam

Yesterday I pulled my crap all apart. and put it all back in. I changed my IDE cables left the front panel stuff off (usb & 1394) So far so good. I might have had a bad cable or my front panel stuff might have been shorting out!