Weird Lite-On noise



I burned a Spin-X (CMC) unbranded CD-R on my 52246S. I wrote on a part of a sticker from a Belkin CD label sheet (about the size of a hub) since putting on the label did not go successfully and put that sticker on the CD. I was scanning the CD on Kprobe and the noise started to get louder than normal. I immediately stopped Kprobe and ejected the CD since I feared that the disc may shatter or do something else bad. There were no apparent physical damage to the CD other than a couple of “gold” pieces, maybe it was the metallic layer coming off in a couple of places? What could have caused this? Should it hurt my drive?


if u stick labels onto ur cds, u need to make sure that the label’s weight is distributed evenly, or else the added weight will cause the disc to become offset, which is dangerous when the disc is spinning and is likely the cause of ur problem. only use the labels that cover the entire disc and be sure to use an applicator that will ensure the label is put on correctly.