Weird Lightscribe problem - HP740i

So I finally decided to give Lightscribe a try. Had a drive (HP740i - Nero sees it as GWA-4166B) with the feature for a few months now, burned all types of media with no problem.

The procedure itself seemed like a breeze, used Nero Cover designer (from nero 7), clicked on “Print Lightscribe Label”, waited for 15 minutes and got a prompt that it was completed successfully… ejected the drive and flipped it to see… NOTHING. No label was burned on it. media’s HP 16x DVD-R Lightscribe blanks.

Any idea what do with this? I also tried that SureThing SE program from Lightscribe website but result was the same - it’d print (or say it was printing) the label, upon completion, there was no label on the disc.

This is a problem that I have currently experienced. I bought some media at Staples and tried to burn an image but there was nothing there. My suggestion to you was to go to the place where you bought it, ask for a refund and get another spindle.