Weird KProbe scans (again) on 851S@832S

Okay,3153M Movie. FW is 851S@832S VS0A, all recommended patches through Omnipatcher 1.3.8 and also increased read speed,autobitsetting,earlier shift,force-shifting and force-fallback enabled.
Here are the scans :

In the Transfer Rate test, I get a Read Error at about 10-11% into the scan, roughly where the PI spikes begin. I don’t understand why I’m getting these errors, media is Imation 4X +R, RicohJPNR01. Playback was fine in Pioneer 366S and Sony S735 DVD players.
Just curious, any way to reduce these errors? Code2^16 had also had this problem earlier… random spikes and stuff.

Yea, I had a batch of Ricohs that did this to me as well (my other 2 Ricoh batches didn’t do this to me). The fix was to either burn at 4x or burn with GS0F. Might also help to get rid of early shift and force-shift, though I never tried it. Dunno. It’s hard to say what is causing the problem, as a lot of things change between each firmware: servo controls, OPU controls, OPC controls, write strats, etc.

Haven’t been using Ricohs for a while now (eating through my Prodiscs and TYs now), so I dunno.

I also had the same problem suddenly ‘appear’. I was using firmware GSC2 , and the same spindle of RICOHJPNR01 discs when I got 2 consecutive burns with bad spikes (nothing had changed on my system or with the way I ripped or burnt the discs)
I reloaded a backup copy of my EEPROM and all was back to normal.
Hope this helps.
Scans before and after

Damn, no EEPROM backups here :(. I’ll try the next burn at 4X, stock VS0A.