Weird KP scans

The 1st is a multisession disk scan after 1 st session which is almost 4000megs, the 2nd is after writing a second session to the same disk and the 3rd is an old burn done with disk at once using US0Q which is what I usually get without multisession.

I’ve bought a 411s recently and I’m getting horrible kprobe scans with it, don’t know why…I’m using Ritek Ridata branded media, so the media isn’t that bad. I’ve scanned the same media with my Liteon dvd-rom 166s and the results were much much better. I don’t know what gives, I thought kprobe was made for LiteOn dvd burners for accurate scans. I’m confused!!!

I’m using Kprobe 2.2.3

Well KP should give the same result on the same disk within the margin of error… It looks like that margin of error can be 10000% :slight_smile:

I’ve recently burned a Ritek Ridata branded dvd+r with dvd-rom booksetting with the ldw-411s and the result kprobe scan was really bad!! I guess the liteon ldw-411s is a low quality writer, Oh! well!!! I guess you can’t expect that much from a $49.95 burner.

But does the burned disc play at all? How bad are the scans? Sometimes I get bad scans and the movie I burned plays just fine without any problems.

HEY I PAID MORE THAN $50 for my CD writer a couple of months ago!! :slight_smile:
Cost me $200 for my 812 and disks are very expensive here… $4=$5 for any major brand. My wife has no clue I am wasting more money than she makes in a month trashing disks.

And those cheapo dvd players seem to play anything. Does not mean they will play in those expensive players though. Makes me think buy cheap and upgrade every few years instead of getting the good stuff. It is amazing I have to open up my cheapo dvd player and hook it up to my computer to even read some of these disks that my writer or dvd rom wont read. It might be 1x and look like an animal but it has read anything I put into it. Maybe not really well… But the question is will it at least read something.

it plays just fine, but I wanted scans under 30 PI across the entire disc!!!
Infact I got better results on a Ritek Ridata branded dvd-r. I thought liteOn’s are better at writing dvd+r’s than dvd-r.