Weird Issue With Laptop

I have an AOpen 2000 laptop that has a very strange problem. The video will flash on and off and basically be scrambled (for lack of a better term) 80% of the time. This started about two days ago and it will stop for a few minutes but always seems to return. The computer never crashes from this and it will load and run programs as if nothing is wrong.

Now there is one thing that I have found that will eliminate it completely and it does so every time, which is connecting any USB device. It can be a hard drive, flash drive etc. but once the connection is made the problem immediately disappears. Remove the device and the problem reappears immediately or within a few minutes. I even went to the extent of doing a clean installation of Windows XP which did nothing to eliminate the problem. Any thoughts of what I can do to fix this or do I just need to accept the fact that I will need to keep a flash drive plugged in to use the laptop?

Sounds like the video cable from the motherboard to the display is loose and/or broken. Does moving the angle of the screen make any difference?

No, moving the angle of the display has no effect. I have noticed that grabbing the case at certain points like near the front right area makes the problem appear. However, when a USB device is connected the problem never appears no matter where I grab the case. The strange thing is all the USB ports are on the left side and rear of the case. The hard drive and DVD drive is in this area.

Please post as much info (specs) about this laptop as you can, exact model number, how old, I do not have any info in my data base about AOpen 2000 laptops.

Here is a link to the model with has the specifications: It is about 1.5 years old and is out of warranty. It has a Turion MT-37 CPU (2 ghz, 1 mb cache), 1 gig of RAM (2-512 mb sticks), a Seagate 100 gb HD (7,200 rpm) and an NEC 6550A DVD writer.

Sorry your link just goes to an AOpen page that has no info on it.

Let’s try this:

I guess you are misunderstanding what I need, specific model number-2000 way to general. Should be a sticker on it somewhere.

The bottom of the computer under “Model” just has the number 2000. Here is a model number for a laptop that is identical to the one I own: NCL3006

Sounds like a wiring problem.When you put your hands in the right area it gives it a grounding affect ( like the old rabbit ears for TV’s ) and when the stick or whatever is in the usb ports it’s grounding the laptop.Loose wire somewhere.