Weird issue with American History X

Ok. So i watched American History X for the first time ever over here in iraq, on my second deployment. Great movie. Well i bought a 1TB hard-drive to back up all my movies, as the seem to get scratched pretty bad over here. So i get ready to back up AMX and had a few errors, but after updateing AnyDVD i got a succesful burn with no errors. Burnt to a DL DVD and when to play it back to make sure it was good, and it skips the part in the begining when the black man is curb stomped. It goes from when the guy is getting ready to kick the crap out of him after shooting at the car, to when his little brother is in the principal’s office. So i figure it was a bad burn. So i switch from useing Nero to back it up to useing Clone DVD. same thing. I’ve tried DVD-Decrypter as well. no luck. Then i popped the original DVD back in to check the disk. No read errors, but that part doesnt play from the disk either. Any clue what the hell that could be? it plays on other laptops and DVD players fine, just not my laptop! :frowning:

Welcome nepluto,

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Do you have “Remove annoying adverds and trailers” enabled in AnyDVD ? Try to disable AnyDVD completely, maybe it helps

Sorry bout posting in the wrong section… thank you for moving it. And no. I do not have “Remove annoying adverts and trailers.” checked… I have tried disableing it completely as well as getting rid of my virtual drive, as i have heard some copy protections won’t allow certain things to run if it detects emulation software. but then again, i would think it wouldnt play at all rather then just cutting out that part.

What media did you use to burn it on? How fast did you burn it?

i use Imation DVD+R 8x dvd’rs but i only have a 4x dvd writer. but crappy media wouldnt explain why the original won’t play that part at all on my computer

if the original doesn’t play right, it’s not going to copy correctly either. that being said, I guess the real question is why is the original doing this in your drive but no one else’s.

you say you have a 4x dvd writer…this sounds like an older drive. is this the same drive you’re playing the disc in? It’s possible there is something wrong with the disc and your drive is more sensitive to this defect than newer ones. That is a complete guess though.

To rule out your computer and isolate the issue to the drive, it would be ideal to test the disc in another drive connected to your system (or to test your drive in another system that was already known to play the disc correctly). not sure if you’re on a desktop or laptop or what kind of access you have to extra drives or if anyone’s willing to let you experiment though.

Going strictly based on intuition, I have a feeling it’s the drive and not your computer especially if it’s an older model.

(i wouldn’t have even noticed the issue if I had been watching it…I close my eyes during that part anyway ;))


well im on a laptop. as i’m in iraq currently. If i can find someone with the same type of drisk drive to swap out i will go ahead and try that, and see if it’s just my drive. …Whoops… just looked the disk drive up online. it’s a QSI DVD±RW SDW-085. 8x dvd burner. :/… thought that was kinda odd when i just spent 4g on a laptop. hehe. but i will try to swap out drives and see if that fixes anything. ill let you guys know. thanks!