Weird ISO Burning Problem



Have an old Fujitsu Lifebook C6581 with CDRW/DVD Rom drive I want to try Ubuntu on. Problem is it won’t read any ISO CD’s I burn. This applies to boot disks other than Ubuntu as I have Windows and other utility boot disks also. These boot disks work in any other computer I try them in. Original OEM Windows CD’s do work in the Fujitsu. This PC has Win 2000 on it and when I boot in to 2000 and look at any of the boot discs in explorer it says there is no disc in the drive. The drive does read DVD+RW’s that I have burned. I have been making the boot discs with Image Burn set to record at 2X on Imation 52X CD-R media. I have tried CD+R media but evidently they can’t be used for boot disks since every program I try complains about this and won’t burn it. I did clean the CDRW drives lens. I assume not. Any ideas on what the problem is?:confused: