Weird iPod display fault

OK - not having much luck with electrical or mechanical goods - first DVD recorder goes kaput, then car goes tits-up, now my iPod is looking bizarre - noticed a few days ago 2 small thin black lines parallel to each other just above the Time Bar (I’ve got a 160GB classic), and with subsequent perations they seem to be getting bigger to the extent that one of the libnes is now all the way across the screen.
the iPod plays fine, but am worried just in case the lines eventually fill the whole screen. Strange thing is they seem to disappear when the backlight turns off?!

Any ideas will be most appreciated…!

It seems like the display in the iPod is defective. If it’s still under a year old, I would suggest bringing it to the store you bought it at as it should be covered by the warranty.

One possible cause of this may be moisture getting in, as moisture is severe on LCD displays. For example, if the iPod was left in a car regularly overnight, the cold evenings can cause it to get damp. The same if the iPod is kept in a pocket while working out (e.g. at a gym or on home fitness equipment.)

On the other hand, I can’t explain about the lines disappearing when the backlight turns off. I don’t have an iPod, so I’m not sure whether the display goes completely off when the backlight goes off (like some phones do). If this is the case, the lines would likely disappear until it comes back on, like bad pixels disappearing on a monitor when the screen is off.

Thanks for the reply - when the baclight goes off the screen doesn’t go entirely blank - there’s either a padlock symbol for when the lock is on or a big ‘Play’ triangle symbol. Lines don’t appear then, just when the light comes on.
They are weird in that they are never in the same place when I turn it on - sometimes there’s an unbroken line all the way across the screen and sometimes it’s a broken line.
I’ve had it just around a year, however got it off eBay - although it was new and boxed. So prob not covered.

As long as it plays alright not too bothered, but just don’t want these stupid lines spreadling all over the screen!!

Weird. I’ve got one of these too.

The iPod plays fine, and when the backlight is off, the display looks fine. Hen the backlight is on, I get some dark lines and a dark splodge in the middle of the screen. The dark regions are mostly black but there are the odd red ones too. The menu and everything works. I don’t watch videos because that eats the battery too fast, and the thing is out of guarantee.

The LCD works fine with the backlight off. The backlight power supply might generate a spike when it came on that somehow affected a display (the power supply for an electroluminescent panel generates quite a kick) but these pixels are in exactly the same place. Pushing on the screen makes no difference. Twisting the case hard can make a few pixels change state, but they go back when you stop.

The iPod sits in my rucksack. I don’t think it has got wet, but I guess this is possible. However, it should have dried out by now. Perhaps some moisture has got in and is shorting from the backlight to the LCD elements. I have had this for about a week now and it doesn’t seem to change shape or anything.

Update - lines nearly all gone!!!

[QUOTE=Batlord;2287548]Update - lines nearly all gone!!![/QUOTE]

And you didn’t do anything?

No, they disappeared by themselves!!! Weird

My ones are still there. I have two blobs - one on the edge and one on the middle. These have changed their shape, becoming more ‘blobby’ and less linear, which could indicate a liquid or something mobile in there. I tried blowing warm, dry air in through the plug in case there was some liquid, but this made no difference at all. I am hoping my one will go back of its own accord, but no signs so far. Bah.

Took a month for mine to go, so don’t despair!!