Weird Errors with Vision express 3



I have previously burned a few dvd’s that work perfectly on my dvd player. Just a mix of different avi’s and mpgs (red vs blue, stand up comedy, etc).

I’m currently trying to use vision express 3 to burn some of my tv shows to a disk, this seems like it would be the same task as earlier.

But the problem arises between 30 seconds to 3 minutes into the video processing. Well before the actual burn process. Then Vision Express just quits, no error messages, doesn’t freeze first and then quit, it just quits. I’ve search the forum for some time looking for an alternative process or a fix for my problem.

Does anyone have any ideas where to start?

Thanks, sorry for being a newbie.

  • i/o magic 16x dvd RW dual format dual layer ( i only burn at 8x)
  • Memorex 8x DVD-R
  • 1.9mgz AMD processor 1gb RAM, 180gb hd.
  • direct-x 9.0 , Radeon 9800pro


I had an issue with TV programs and sync issues corrected by unchecking the smart encoding. Something you might want to try?


have u tried burning to disk (I think the term is Image Recorder) and then using Nero 6 to burn the disk from the compilation file? i find this works best - i don’t have a clue why - and as i make several copies of my TV shows later, this works out great having an archive of the program on my hd.


Most likely the reason why Nero is shutting down is either the mpeg or avi file is not compliant and shuts down. Download tmpgenc from the following link: 30 trialware on re-encoding your mpeg or avi files.