Weird DVD Shrink Problem

I’ve encoded a little over 50 movies with DVD Shrink now, so I know the average times it should take to encode the movies depending on the length. Here’s the weird problem. A disc that I had encoded previously only took 36 minutes to encode AND burn. I put that same disc in again and when dvdshrink started to encode it, it was then going to take 45 minutes just to encode it!!! I tried a different disc and the time to encode it was going to be a normal length.

I know I do not need to encode from the original again and just make a copy from my copy, but this problem concerns me if this might happen with other discs. Anyone know why this might happen? The only thing that has changed is I changed my burner from region 1 to region 4. BUT, the dvd burner isn’t even the drive that is doing the encoding, so I don’t see why that would effect it.

Any ideas appreciated.

Has DMA been turned off for the DVD reader ? In Shrink, have you turned on “Perform Deep Analysis” or using any of the Quality Enhancement settings ? Both of these can drematically slow down the “copying” but producing a better quality finished product.

Hi ChickenMan,

DMA is enabled, so that was not the problem. The weird thing now is that the problem seems to be gone…I did nothing to make it go away. I guess it is just one of those things…

Could be a memory issue. Sometimes all it takes is to shut everything down and power it back up again and it will work fine.

Yeah, I did that though when the problem started and the problem was still there.

Perhaps spyware or virus was in the background?

Perhaps. I really don’t know. I’m just glad the problem is gone.