Weird dvd-rom problem

pop in a dvd onto a dvd-rom and all one gets is audio and a black screen. What is going on? It works PERFECTLY in my Win98SE partition. here’s the specs:

512 MB Ram
Windows XP HomeEd
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400
direct x 9
hard drive for xp partition is 27gb. full size is 40gb
last time optimized would be 1 month ago
pentium 3
DVD is BenQ DVD 16X- CD 48X
Using WinDVD

Uninstall DX9 and reinstall det driver. Why would you install DX9 in the first place when your video card doesn’t support it?

i thought that geforce would come out with a patch that supported it eventually. i hope this works. thanks m8y.