Weird DVD & Burning errors

Can anyone help me out here…
Ive got a liteon 53x CD-Burner as well as a Pioneer 16x dual layer DVD-Burner…1st off when i inster a audio cd with a ‘extra’ film clip it doesnt autoplay, so i go to explorer and it only sees the audio tracks and not the other files on there. It works on another comp in the house just not mine. Or sumtimes it just reboots the computer, ive unsitalled the drive and retried it, alsot reinstalled windows, but not from a full fromat tho.
2nd problem…i can burn a music cd through realplayer, windows media player. howveer nero wont let me burn i dont get the burn icon, it sess the disc n there and gives u the info that its blank but u cant click burn.

Can anyone help with these please, its drving me up the wall.