Weird display of Free DiskSpace

I have Windows ME installed on my PC. Few days after deleting a lot of files Windows displayed a Free disk space of about 5.6 GB. Next time I booted, it showed free disk space of 7.28 GB. Yesterday I attached another harddisk to my PC for formatting it. Afterwards when I removed the second HDD & booted through my first harddisk, it is showing 9.27 GB Free diskspace.

How come the Free Diskspace is changing so fast. I thought I had a virus but, I have Norton Antivirus 2002 installed with latest Antivirus definitions.

My HDD is a Seagate 20 GB HDD.

Please help.

Thanx in advance.

Because your recycle bin is emptying everyday…

Well I’ll be damned, I have the same problem too…

Windows has a special method of displaying free disk space. Instead of calculating disk space every time, it keeps a count of how much is left and adds/subtracts to that count. If you run ScanDisk (ChkDsk on WinXP) it should be able to fix that problem. My problem is that it fixes it but a few days later it’s back.

Also, you should try defragmenting the HD. My computer would report that my HD is full even though it shows 1.5GB free, etc… I ran Disc Defragmenter and found out that a lot of the sectors that belong in the beginning were located at the end. That made a lot of free space unaccesible. After it finished, my free disc space count went up from 1.7Gb to 5.3GB! (surprised me too!).

That’s why I make sure to have at least 2 GB free before installing something. :wink:

I ran NDD 2001 & Speedisk 2001 when the free disk space was 5.6 GB. It gave no error reports.

Samething when the free diskspace was 7.28 GB & then same thing when the free diskspace was 9.27 GB.

NDD 2001 & Speedisk 2001 gives clear reports.

How is so much increase in free diskspace possible? I did nothing !!!

Those apps may give you clear reports, but you should try the basic ScanDisc. These applications probably do not check the media descriptor or other special sectors on a Hard-drive. ScanDisc does all of that. That’s why you should try ScanDisc first.

I have heard that Norton Disk Doctor 2001 is better & faster than Scandisk. So, I use it. Shall i try Scandisk?

Norton applicatoins are faster and better, but they don’t check all the “special” areas of your HD, such as Media Descriptor, File Allocation Table, and sometimes others. These are the areas that free disk space display is dependent on.

Norton apps just check all your regular files. Some things, like Media Descriptor, FAT, and Registry aren’t composed of “files” that you can find on your Hard drive.

I definately recommend for you to try Scandisk!

I tried Scanddisk. It also gives clear reports. I didn’t do the Surface Test though.

I did only Standard Test which excludes surface test.

Do I have to do Surface Test?

You don’t have to do a surface test. Surface test checks for physical errors and takes a long time.

I am very confused and I think the problem is with the physical hardware components inside the HD. It is probably not repairable.

I don’t think there is any physical hardware error. My HDD gives no problems to me. It works just fine.

Ever since my first post, The HDD continuously displays 9.27 GB as free-diskspace. There has been no significant change in the amount free space. Just a little here & there which acceptable.

Originally posted by darshanjog
Just a little here & there which acceptable.
Because your recycle Bin is emptying. There are a few articles in the MS KnowledgeBase about this. Scandisk beats Norton hands-down & so does scanreg /opt & /fix from a boot to DOS.

I discarded NU after many HDD crashes & I also use no AV proggys either…you just have to practice safe computing.

I think I found out the problem.

Earlier my _RESTORE folder was above 2.5 GB. Currently it is less than 100 MB.

I think the mysterious increase in free diskspace is due to the emptying of the _RESTORE folder.

I didn’t do anything to the folder. Probably Windows ME emptied the folder.