Weird disc quality test results

Hi all,

I have a Pioneer 108 using NIL’s hacked 1.18 firmware. I just started burning DVD+R discs and was performing some scans and had some weird results.

These are TY T02, 8x rated, burnt at 4x

I’ve burnt two DVD+R discs of this type and the scan graph results are so similar it makes me think I’m either doing something wrong or the discs don’t work well with my Pioneer. I’ve burnt DVD-R Ritek G04’s with decent results. Anyone seen this before with DVD+R’s? Thanks in advance.


try a transfer rate scan once and see what the results are

You’re probly wasting your time doing error scans with the Pioneer. Stick with transfer rate tests and Scandisc.

Thanks for the replies guys. I just did a transfer rate test and there were no large drops in speed. Guess that doesn’t tell me too much though…

Any recommendations for performing tests (besides buying a Lite-On drive and using KProbe ;))?


If your DVD drive will read discs at 16x or 12x, that’s a good indicator of quality burns. Some ROM drives have modded firmware available for just this.

try burning this ty 8x and take a look at the result. it should be better. i usually burn everthing at 4x, but since i always had bad results on high quality 8x media (like ty 8x), i tried burning it faster, i.e. the recommended speed. i get far better results on those burns. it’s worth a try…

Pioneer PIE/PIF scanning is :Z