Weird Disc Quality Problem

Hi everyone; i’m writing these lines here because i’ve tried almost everything, and i still do not have a clue about what the problem could be…

I have a SONY DVD RW AWQ170A and a some days ago i started to check the burned discs with Nero CD-DVD Speed. The “quality score” of each of them was really awful, varying from an 80 to 0! I’ve checked discs burned also with an LG DVD burner (i do not recall the model), and the result was the same. The best quality score was obtained with a Verbatim DVD+R. The other discs where also Verbatim and TDK, all -R.

But a few minutes ago, i tried another test: i checked a CD-R that was burned with a NEC NR-7800A first with this recorder and then with the SONY DVD Burner (both at 16X speed), and the results were completely different (but both unsatisfactory).

I’ve also tried burning with Linux, and the result was the same.

I do not have any hardware-related problems; my pc works fine. It’s pretty old, but i never had a problem:
AMD Athlon XP 2600+
1GB Kingston DDR
Maxtor 120GB-7200RPM (Windows XP SP1)
WD Caviar 250GB (Ubuntu)
ASUS A7V8X-X Motheboard

I can burn CDs and DVDs both in Linux and Win (I’ve used Nero without any problems.

Could this be a hardware problem? Could the way the DVD burner is working affect the Disc Quality test?

Any help will be extremely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Anibal from Argentina.

PS: I use the latest version of Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Hi Anibal, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

I believe your Sony is an NEC/Optiarc, so I’m not sure I’d trust a quality scan from it (plus Verbatim is usually excellent media). They’re usually good for quality scanning CDRs though (I use 32x scanning speed with my Optiarc AD-5170S).

However…could you post a scan of a Verbatim disc from the drive?

Your Sony/Optiarc should be good for running Transfer Rate Tests in CD-DVD Speed though, so perhaps run some of those (on an already-burned disc) - ideally, you want a nice smooth upward curve. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replay, Arachne!

I post some more info and pics shortly.

The last thing i’ve tried: i’ve just burned a Sony DVD-R with the AWQ170A and got a quality score of…98!

The Transfer Rate Test is another way to check CD/DVD quality? I’ll try it next…

All the pics of the tests are here.

Tests #1 and #2 are verbatim DVD-R of different manufacturers.

Test #3 is a sony DVD-R (the Maximum PI Failures value in a previous text was 4).

Test #4 is a verbatim DVD+R.

Test #5 is a verbatim CD-R that was burned with a NEC NR-7800A, checked with the sony/optiarc awq170a.

Test #6 is the same CD as the previous test, but checked with the NR-7800a.

What is all that???!!! :confused: