Weird Clone DVD problem




I’ve been burning with CloneDVD without a problem until I tried to copy family stuff DVDs .
Just won’t work ! I get the "Ho no!! " sound message when I get to “write”
DVD’s are DVD+ , region 1 , they have VOB, IFO and BUP files in the VIDEO_TS folder.
I’m using AnyDVD along (same problem without it)
I tried to copy on both DVD + and - , same thing.
I tried all custom and other settings.
What can be wrong?


Forgot to say :
I can copy the DVDs using Roxio Disc copier , no problem ! But I’m not sure they’ll work in region 2 (Europe) where I want to send them.
I’m a bit puzzled by that one. This should be the easiest thing to do for CloneDVD , I mean copying a DVD with no copyright or any other legal issues .
Any thoughts on this?


You forgot to mention what is the write error that clonedvd2 gave you, also the version you have and hte movie you tried to copy


CloneDVD only says" unexpected error"
I have the latest version 2-8-9-2
The movie I’m trying to copy is a personal movie from Hi 8mm video tapes I got tranferred to DVD recently.


Could you tell me how you burn DVD movie using Roxio? For 2 weeks, I still could not figure out a way to burn movie using Roxio Creator6 DVD Builder. The movie I burnt on DVD has mis-match sound and missing frames (skipping pictures). Thanks for your help.


Not sure I can be of much help .
The movies I burned with Roxio disc copier are the ones I’m talking about above. They are non commercial movies , Hi8 videos that I transferred from tapes to DVDs.
I never tried to copy a commercial movie with Roxio, I use CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD together , it works great! I also had good luck with DvdShrink and Imgburn before , it just takes a bit more time and HD space .
Good luck!