Weird cd protection: cd not detected



hmmm… weird cd protection i have here. i tried reading and copying a vcd on my comp with the cdrw drive, and the cd burner (i used alcohol 120%, blindwrite, clonecd, gamejack) won’t recognize the cd in the drive. it just said “error: cd not detected” or “please place cd in drive.” will sum1 explain to me wat kind of protection it is?


Does this disc play on anything at all? If so, what?


the cd only plays on dvd players for tvs, but just can’t be read on the comp


Did you buy this “vcd”? Could it be it’s a dvd and that’s why it won’t play in your cdrw?


ya i bought it. its some chinese tv series. it is really a vcd, cuz all other vcds of the same series play on my comp. besides, my cdrw drive is also dvdrw, so it doesnt really matter.


Maybe its made not to be played on a PC?


i think it is possible to be played on a pc, as my friend also had a vcd that has this prob, but he found some software that reads the vcd (too bad he forgot the name of the software). n how can the vcd not meant to be played on pc when other vcds of the same series can be?


Ok, try Cyberlink PowerDVD, that is a decent movie player.


already done. like i said, nothing i do on my comp can detect the cd…


Look here: Sounds like one of these or similar. (Thanks to G3ri) Your best bet is to try and determine which one it is if any, then google for a way around.