Weird cd problem

Okay, so here’s my problem.

I’ve made copies of NFS Underground and Raven Shield a while ago and could play just fine with them. A few weeks ago I suddently had a message asking me to to insert the correct cd and run the program again.

Since it’s been a while since my problem, I’m not too sure about what caused it. The games were copied with a trial version of Alcohol 120%, which had created a fake dvd drive. When it expired, I uninstalled it, and deleted the fake drive. Now I got a real dvd drive, and was wondering if that had any to do with my problem (I’ve read around that virtual drives cause problems)

The only programs I have installed that allow copy/rip are Nero, CDex, and Burnatonce.

I would love to keep playing with my copied versions, so if anyone could help me I’d be really happy.

sounds like those copies you made are not 1:1 copies, in other words they require emulation [ something that fools the game into thinking that the real CD is in the drive ] and because you had alcohol installed it was doing the job of emulating the copied CDs for you. now you have uninstalled it. so, try daemon tools, right click on the tray icon and set options…sorry for little detail, but i have not used DTOOLS for ages