Weird capture problem in Adobe Premiere Pro

Hi everyone,

I have been working with Premiere for a few years now and I never really had any big problems. But now I do, I have this weird problem with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0

I have not used it for the past 4 months since I spend some time travelling around Africa. After I came back the capture function is not working anymore… When I connect my camcorder everything is fine and Premiere finds it. I can rewind and stuff. When I click record it says it is recording but it is not.

Is does not show the number of frames that it has captured (normally it shows a teller with the number of total frames captured) and when I stop it it will not ask what name I would like to give the captured file.

I have tried reinstalling Premiere but the problem remains the same.
Any idea what this can be?


I recently installed software for a webcam. I thought that could be the problem so I erased it but the problem remains. I also tried fiddling with different settings in Premiere but nothing seems to work.

When I try capturing with windows movie maker it works fine.
The problem remains strange…

(I can capture dv tapes to .avi files in movie maker as well so that probably what I will have to do. Then I can import them to Adobe)