Weird burning problem with gce-8520b

Ok, I have a LG gce-8520b cd burner that I’ve been useing for some time now and recently it has stopped writing to disks. It still reads cds, and is recognised as a CD-RW, but when I burn a CD it just dosen’t stick. By dosen’t stick I mean just that–every program I’ve tried (Nero , Alcohol 120%, and XP’s CD burning wizerd) says that the CD has written just fine, but after burning the CD is still blank. Tried 3 different ISOs, different Data compilations, and music but nothing sticks. Has anyone had a similer experiance–if so how did you fix it? Thanks–Draco

To the same disk types?

TDK disks–hundred pack spindle from Costco, same as I allways get.

Maybe something bad happened to the laser. Let LG inspect the drive if possible.

Do you mean there is a program that will do that or are you referring to sendign it to them? I got it free second hand so the latter probably is out of the question.

Unless you got it very illegally or something very abnormal, you can still use the warranty.

My drives: GSA-4120B and GSA-5163D are such things. They can be only serviced through LG itself, their HQ, not through any other means. That’s just a problem with engineering and review samples.

What do you mean by free? There must be the LG distributor that distributed your drive. The only thing you need is the right phone number. Or the address of that company.