Weird burning error

I made a movie-only backup of the movie “Cube” using IfoEdit. I then tried to burn the files with Nero on my NEC 3500 (Liggy&Dee’s V2b6 firmware), using TYG01 discs.

When the burning process gets close to 28% percent, the Used Read Buffer empties and then fills up again. Burning gets stuck at 28% no matter how long I wait.

I’ve burned around 10 movies using the same configuration and discs from the same batch, and they were all a success. Any ideas what’s going wrong?

Could just be a media issue coincidence…

Well, I tried two times, first at 8X and then at 4X. I have the feeling that if I try again, I’ll get another coaster.

Could it be that IfoEdit screwed something up with movie, making it unable to be burned?

No, I strongly doubt that.

More likely that your Nero is the issue, it’s an old version now. Update it if you can.

try to burn in the same dvd…that worked with my lg.
i had errors in 20% and if i put the dvd back in the drive and try to burn i burned…
sorry my english

I did the whole back-up again and this time used the latest version of Nero. It burned ok. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.

I doubt that older version of Nero was the cause of your problem; every version of Nero has been tested by many thousand of customers with no problem. Better look for real root cause of your problem some place else.