Weird Bitsetting problem

I have a weird problem with one of my DVD writers (Slimline Drive in my Notebook, LG GSA-T10N).
When I burn a DVD movie, my DVD player (which only reads DVDs with booktype DVD-ROM) does NOT accept the disc although AnyDVD and other programs tell me that the DVD is a DVD-ROM (obviously via bitsetting).

I checked for several times: DVD+R media which were written in other drives with bitsetting capability are accepted, the ones from my Notebook drive not (although different softwares tell me it is a DVD-ROM).

btw: In Nero CD-DVD Speed I seems as if the GSA-T10N is NOT capable of bitsetting.

Are there any reliable programs which can check wether a DVD+R was “booktyped” to DVD-ROM correctly?
Are there different ways to booktype DVD+R media?

Thx for any help,
Tschens Brems

Nero’s CD-DVD Speed on the disc info tab should show the disc type & book type correctly. This will probably attempt to permanently set the burner’s booktype.

You need to do it on the fly while burning.

OK, I found the problem: In Alcohol 120%, “ignore media type” emulation was activated. Afer deactivation, all programs identify the DVD written with the NB drive as booktype DVD+R :frowning:

I guess you’re lucky that was all Alcohol did as it does seem to cause some issues. Perhaps it should set the defaults differently.