Weird Audio protection


My m8 brought round a cd for me to have a look at. It is Wigan Pier Vol 38 with what looks like a custom protection

This protection makes the cdrom drive think that each audio track is a data track, now

EAC - Can see each track but cannot play or rip
Cdrwin - Same
Nero - Same
Clonecd - Same
Audiograbber - Can play the songs but not rip them

Drives used

Liteon24/10/40 2B
Nec1300A DVD±R
Liteon 163D
Toshiba SD-R5002

I have most luck actually recognizing the disk in the Tosh and BDV dvdrom drives

How can you rip data even though it is audio without getting errors

Help much appreciated


Have you tried Detect TOC manually etc?

yes m8, no joy


Are you inserting the disc after starting EAC as this usually helps.


The full procedure I use is this


Insert cd

Wait until eac recognizes 15 DATA tracks

Use the Detect TOC Manually Option

Wait foe EAC to change the track type to AUDIO

Try and rip, at this point eac hangs the PC and i have to mostly reboot

The gap information comes up at the start as 0:00:02 then all subsequent tracks have 0:00:00:06


Have you tried the other TOC option (extract native TOC?)?

you should give burnatonce a try

what are the size of the data tracks?

The track lengths are the exact same as those of the audio tracks when inserted into a cdplayer, The Toc is somehow fooling the cdrom into thinking it is a 15 track data cd and so each proggie fails to rip any tracks as it sees data instead of audio, I think Vob protect cd did something like this

I need a proggie that can ‘convert’ the data back into true audio data

I’ll give burnatonce a try


burnatonce (or blindread)

Originally posted by andyw
The track lengths

track length != size of data tracks.

some cds have included mp3s as well as the regular audio, in the fashion that computers will only view the mp3 segment, ie the data track. doubtful that that was the case here, but wanted to ask ;).

perhaps CDeX a try? just a thought. if truly bored, i’d make some kind of image to the hard drive, if possible, and then mess with that. assuming, of course, you can get that image.

I can’t make an image and cdex is worse than audiograbber lol, at least with audiograbber i can listen to the songs, i’ll try burnatonce or blindread and post the results.

By the way, this isn’t a commercial cdrom but someones added protection, probably just that I don’t have the correct hardware to beat this type


a toshiba/lite-on drive must be able to do this…

that is my toshiba succeeds in most cases with burnatonce or blindread…you could malso try Feurio…almost forgot about it

have you tried isobuster???