**Weird as Hell, Try This!**


Kinda Freaky :iagree:

No no, u got tricked … AHAHAHAHAAHA!

All the cards at the end are different from those at the start - hence … the card u picked is GONE AHAHAHAHA!

I know…I was not going to RUIN it for everyone else though…geez

END OF THREAD!!! Thanks to lui_gough. I thought we may have a lil fun with it, but looks like we wont.

Got me the 1st time till I read the other post.

Yeah, he totally RUINED it…grrr

If he never did, someone else probably would have, not to long from now.
With all the people on this forum, someone would say something about it. :slight_smile:
Not saying that I would have tho, but somebody

I know, but I was hoping it might make it at least a couple of hours. I know what the logic is behind it, but it is cool to try it when you don’t know and then figure it out for yourself.

LOL… I don’t even think it lasted a minute

LMAO…I think you’re right. :iagree: