Weird audio problem


I have a weird audio problem with DVDFAB (Platinum) that I could use some ideas solving.

I have a DVD that I am trying to convert to an avi file to play on a PC. Problem is that the audio stream that is being created seems to be running at about half speed, so the narrator speaks with a deep voice and veeeeery slooooowly. Whilst amusing, it makes the avi file unusable.

I’m getting a correct video stream, no issues there. For the conversion I’m using the generic option with the xvid.avi.mp3 profile and have tried letting everything default - video and audio parameters included. Video default is 25 fps (it’s PAL) and audio is 64kb. I’ve tried changing the audio bitrate but this makes no difference. Pathplayer is set to ‘always enabled’.

The input DVD is an educational one that has no copy protection whatsoever and is ‘all region’ so it should not present any problems due to these.

Needless to say, the DVD plays fine on a player, with PC DVD software, and even with the preview viewer that appears in the bottom LH corner of DVDFAB. It’s only the DVDFAB audio output that is wrong. Ergo, it appears to be a software bug of some sort.

Any ideas or help welcomed!


There is a special sub-forum for DVD to Mobile questions now: Copy the text from your post here and post it there for a more targeted response.

What kind of audio stream does the original DVD have? (i.e. AC-3/1,2,5.1, DTS, PCM etc.) Could be bad authoring on the original.