Weird 2500a problem

I just got myself a 2500a 8 days ago and I only installed dvd info and nero. I also installed DVD region free but I uninstalled it before I notice the changes. Here’s my problem. When I run dvd info pro sometimes it will tell me that my nec 2500a is all region. When I open the hardware info it says I only have 2 times left to change the dvd region and it is set to region 1. When I try to open nero’s infotool it says all region as well and now the number of times I can set the region is 1 time, and it is set to region 1. When I do a reset sometimes it goes back to 2 times and other times it goes back to 4 times. Any idea on how to fix this?

And I also got a dvd-rom drive a samsung sd-612 and its not affected at all. If the dvd region free is the problem then my other drive must be infected also but its not.

any help will be appreciated. thanks.

What firmware are you using?
The RPC1 (region free) firmware often produces strange counter results in various apps.

I didnt change the firmware.


nevermind I did a complete format and the problem went away. thanks.

Btw, Can the NEC2500a with 1.06 firmware read dvd+r DL? Coz when I used the nero info tool the dvd+r dl box was uncheck.

And mine has rpc-2.

Youll have to flash it to one of Herries modified firmwares in order to enabled it to write and read DL media

So it cant read DL disc.

No, stock fw can’t read/write DL disks; only 2510 can (and 2500 with modified fw, too).

Download the stock-standard ND-2510A firmware with 12xRip and RPC-1 from The write strategies in the latest (2.06/2.16) firmware versions are newer than the ones used by Herrie in 1.07v2b5dl. That is why I would recommend using these firmware versions until Herrie releases his masterpiece! :slight_smile:


Herrie has already released a patched firmware based on 2.16
12X read rip RPC-1 and Ritek DL support

Get it here

You’ll need the DOS version to upgrade a 2500a

Remember that this firmware doesn’t support SL bitsetting

which one? the 2.16 12x rip rpc1 firmware?

Only firmware from HP do support SL bitsetting
Firmwares from NEC only support DL bitsetting ( 2.06 or 2.16 no makes difference )

SO theres no firmware that supports BOTH SL and DL bitsetting…

Herrie’s support SL and DL bitsetting
Nec stock ( or patched ) firmwares only DL

so this -=> 107V2b5DL supports both SL and DL?

BTW, anyone experience this. When I installed my drive, my computer start up slowed down, buring the bios part. usually it only takes a sec or two for the PC to read the bios but right now it takes 20-30 sec. But the win xp start up part is normal.

I have a dell dimension 4100 P3 866 A11 firmware version 512 ram, win xp OS, I got 2 HD drives installed in the primary IDE, one 7200 WD 20 GB drive as my pri master and the other a 5400 Maxtor 40GB as my pri. slave. The sec. ide is a NEC 2500a Sec. master and samsung sd-612 dvd-rom drive sec. slave. Ever since I installed the 2500 it happened. Any idea why or any way to fix this prob? thanks