Weird 1620 reading behavior

with it not burning like it should i delegated it to reader. i noticed when reading at 16x it noticeably spins up and down (no discs are perfect). like wopc. is this normal? my old 1640 didn’t do this nor did this 1620 when i used a older (way older) MCSE.

My 1640 has seemed to have possibly gotten more picky and sometimes spins up and down at max ripping speed, sounds similar to your drive’s behavior. When ripping with it, you can try a couple of things - if ripping with DVD Decrypter you can go into the options and limit read speeds to 14x or 12x, and for my drive that’s enough to prevent any slowdowns except with the worst of discs. And then there’s a program I really like called CD Throttle (or CD Bremse), it runs in the background so you can use it when ripping/reading with any program, you can set your drive to 12x speeds with it and you can turn the speed limit on or off even while ripping a disc. Just select the drive in the program, select a speed, then check the ‘Lock speed’ button to turn it on.

One other thing, if you’ve used MCSE to remove rip speed limits for your 1620’s firmware, you might want to try reverting back to leaving the rip speed limit on without MCSE. Reason I say this is because I used MCSE to remove rip lock on my Benq 822 and the drive had some hiccups because of it. It’s been awhile so I can’t recall for certain the specifics but I think it was causing some behavior similar to your drive.

there’s nothing else but mcse to remove it.