Weird 1.1.3 problem - similar to menu problem

I tried a full disc back-up of Dark Wolf today with 1.1.3 and had a very strange problem, similar to the menu problem with 1.1.2. When I played the backup on my sony player, the menu, the studio screens, and all of the extras played fine. However when I played the movie, only the 1st second or so of each chapter would play before jumping to the next chapter. I tried backing up two times - once removing a soundtrack and once without. I use DVD Decrypter

BTW - although most of my posts are complaining, I have more successes than failures. I really love the program and hope all the bugs can eventually be worked out.



I retried using version 1.1.1 and striping out the spanish track with IFOedit. Worked great. Actually I’ve had very few problems using 1.1.1 with IFOedit. I appreciated the added features on 1.1.2 and 1.1.3, but I have a lot more problems using those versions.

The issue you describe seems to be a problem with certain Sony players. I have backed up numerous disks that show the same symptom on my Sony, but play fine in a variety of other players (JVC, Toshiba, …).

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a way to correct the problem … Anyone?