Weiners DVD Problem (Darrell Hammond Keenan Thompson)

I just tried using Fab to copy “Weiners” starring Darrell Hammond,and Keenan Thompson(both from SNL) and it gave me a message saying it needs Path Player so it restarted using path player and the DVD stops at 77% and won’t go further. Any ideas? is there an unpublished new version i could try to correct this issue? let me know. i’m going to try with path player disabled but i doubt that’ll work as if “only necessary” and “always on” didn’t work,i doubt this will either. Thanks.


I dont have this movie but the more imformation you can give will help us to find an anwser.If you can post the Ifo files hear there are a lot of knowledgable that may be able to give an anwser. Also send the files to Fengtao.

i tried but when i got up to 15 it caused an error. this is where the problem lies. anyway it’s a sony DVD. i sent the files to fentago though. guess i’ll just forget about this movie and send it back. it’s doing the same thing Semi-Pro did before the software updated. :frowning: oh well.

enclosed is the .txt from the analyze part of copying Weiners. I already sent this to fentago but maybe you will see something there that might fix the problem. i tried copying it as “Path Player enabled when necessary”, “Path Player always enabled”, and “Disable Path Player” all 3 options makes the DVD stop at 77%. this DVD just released on Tuesday. Please post help as fast as you can. i’m going to return this DVD today if no one can help. Thanks.

Info.txt (2.85 KB)