Weekend Only Special - Taiyo Yuden DVD $0.25 Shipped



Hello Friends,

Just want to say thank you for sharing all the great deals here. I appreciate this great community.

Just received this weekend special offer from Supermediastore in my email: http://supermediastore.com/

The email says, “Deals Expire3/27/2006 unless specified”.
Apply $6 off code: tai6doff at checkout.

Are these discs any good? Are they worth the cost as stated?

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I have received a number of these from supermedia and I have yet to find the price as listed on the site. Free shipping seem to be missing as well.

I stick to shop4tech with the SS10 coupon. And yet, they are top quality media at a remarkable price.


The deals are always listed. This deal is for the 300 pack (just like the e-mail states).



Thanks for the replies. Good to know these deals are often available.

From those of you with more experiences, then is this a good deal or not? What about these discs, are they good, OK, or bad? Are they worth to take up on the offer?

Thanks in advance.
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I bought 100 TY value line discs(TYG02) from shop4tech and I have to say I will never buy these discs again, the quality is o.k. but it is nothing like the stuff you get from rima.com


Hm? There’s a difference where you get your TY?

I just purchased 100 Discs at supermediastore. Should I return them before opening them and get them from rima.com?


Rima does not sell the Value Line. Value Line are supposed to be slightly lower quality, but this rarely turns out to be true. Most people who get these are very satisfied. I have used over 1000 of these from 3 sources and have had no problems whatsoever. Keep them, they are top quality. If you really want to pay more for your TY media, you should get +R as they are actually better than the TYG02 and at least you will get something more for your money.