"week sector" how? for what?

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u know that as we make some chang in sync patttrn- header- data area- edc or ecc our sector goes to badsector & wont be readable by cd-rom.
i would like to know
1-how we can make a week sector? where area must be midified?
2-is cd-rom able to read week sector?
3-what is the benefit of week sector? (cause some protection where builted on this method like safe disk)
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I’m not an expert here (in fact I’m not that knowledgeable on the subject, but I’ll favor a guess). Weak sectors are used as copy protection because they know drives will have problems copying them, and they cannot recreate them. Drives do not burn weak sectors, because that is completely contrary to what they are designed to do, burn well. they don’t make drive that burn weak sectors, because the obvious only reason for doing so would be to get past copy protection. Even if a smaller manufacture did produce a drive that could create weak sectors, they would probably be sued out of exsistance (right or wrong, it would happen).
As far as a cdrom reading a weak sector, thats why we have the sheep system, some can, some cannot.

Thats why they use it for copy protection, they know we cannot beat it, with hardware anyway, but theres always a software approach. With the software approach, someone will beat it, no matter what they do, sooner or later, someone will beat it…

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Take your time and make a search for “[B]weak[/B] sector” in this forum section.

If you are skilled enough then maybe you better visit our member SirDavidGuy’s homepage.

thanx men 4 your guidence. but i still comfused :confused:
i took a look in the link given by pinto but i m not strong enough to andrestand such a rules.
i really appriciate if some1 could help me more.
otherwise i did some work with tzcp 1.5.5 with files extension .tzw to see who this program makes week sector. the answer was it changes all bytes in sector except 8 nul byte between edc & ecc. so it is just a regular bad sector not week!!!
im looking forward a friend answer to find the clue :doh: