Week offer : Maxxx 7 Silver 35 NLG/ 15 USD or 30 DEM!


We have a great week offer, that only will last THIS week, or when the cds are sold out, so BE QUICK!:

Order Maxxx 7 Silver 2 cd now and…
Only pay: (shipping included already!)

-35 Gulden
-15 US Dollar
-30 Deutsche Mark

So a great offer, for all great people www.warezmaffia.cx or www.bsasucks.com for al your orders!

Remember, first come, first served!

You can still pre order TL 48 , The cd-rom version, because the DVD version is already out of pre-orders.
CRAZY BYTES 50 AVAILABLE on Silver straight from stock, so why don’t order both?


[Sx] from Warezmaffia.cx !

The Twilight 48 cd-rom version and DVD version (that are all sold in pre-order, but you STILL CAN ORDER THE CD-ROM VERSION) will be released today.

We start shipping them in a few days.

SO if you didnt ordered a TL 48 Silver yet, do it now at.
www.warezmaffia.cx www.bsasucks.com


Warezmaffia Crew