Week of Aug 14 sale [media][US]**preview**



Ripit and I are trying to consolidate the sales post into one; hence the format might change. Towards that end, this post is a preview only–but the sale is real, folks!

best buy: for those who prayed and patiently waited

circuit city: for those who like nexxtech and memorex

compusa: pick up or stay away
compusa: memorex double layer
compusa: for the dvdr challenged

staples: they’re back

target: damn dog

Like I said, it is a preview and not the final format. And I’m using my own damn web space so give me a break.


DUDE!! jimcooper … freaking awesome!!! Amazing how FAST you guys get access to this stuff. Absolutely awesome.

BB: Hmmm … wonder if those MIJ packaged Fuji’s are actually going to be on local store shelves? :slight_smile:

STAPLES: Man … I bought up a bunch of those last time they were on sale thinking they were going to be extinct. I guess I was wrong. Though I did see mostly MIT’s on the shevles when I hit the store later in the sale week. Hmm …

TARGET: Great price on Sony’s, but I wonder if these guys actually carry MIJ’s TY T02’s?

Thanks again. Wonderful stuff. :bow:


I am impressed! I will be at the Target 2 minutes from home tomorrow eyeing up some
Sony +R’s, maybe even hiding a few spindles for sunday morning.
Thanks, Budzos


I think i have had enough of Fuji TY’s for a while. Still have 450 of the colored Fuji’s left. While the colored ones burn better than the BB 100pk ones, they don’t come close to the Sony TY’s that I have. Im going to stick to Sony +R’s MIJ from now on.

EDIT: LOL just when i had finished dissing those FUJI TY’s. I just had this burn with Staples colored Fuji’s +R.

BenQ 1620
Burned @ 8x


BB has the 10% coupon sent out a few days go


Awesome that Staples is bringing back the colored Fujis… but werent they 9 bucks the last time around???


yeah. they were 9.94 plus 12% off. Probably the best branded TY deal in ages. Came to around 33 cents a disc.


Nice… Too bad they are never any good deals on inkjet printable media…


Man… I am debating whether or not to grab some more of the colored TY DVD media… I was thinking of keeping my cash for whenever DL media goes on sale again. I still have about 300 unused TY media. But those colored discs are sooo puuurty.


The colored discs are pretty cool, but I think I need to get those metallic colored highlight markers to write on the blue ones. The only way I can read what I wrote with a sharpee is to angle the surface in the light. :slight_smile: Luv the green discs.


Does anyone have a link for this current 10% coupon or did i miss it from a previous post ?