Wedding Video

Hello I have a wedding video tape and would like to have it converted to DVD. The video is old (1995) and the clarity does not show much when watching. Is it possible that the quality can be enhanced and made as DVD. I would appreciate your inputs.

Thank you.

You could possibly sharpen it up a bit with filters but in reality, in ends up being quality in quality out.


You’re also going to need special equipment, and a encoder (say Dr.Divx or TMPGEnc)
And something like nero6 to get to the files in to DVD video format with some menus.

I managed to clean up similar tapes (vague colors, blur) with the Matrox RTX100 card (it can capture from tape with realtime color/sharpness enhancement). Filters in Adobe Premiere Pro (for example) can do almost the same, but of course not realtime.

If it’s just for only that specific tape, the Matrox card is overkill (~ 1000 €) and a software solution (like Adobe filters) is probably more suitable.
But if you’re planning to do more video-editing, a hardware solution (like the Matrox RTX100) might be worth it.

No, No. I am not going to do it myself. Don’t know how, there are video stores here who do it, but according to them they say they cannot improve the quality of what the original tape is when they transfer the same to DVD. Moreover they are anticipating a drop in the quality due to the transfer from VHS to DVD.

You’ll most likely have a drop in quality due to the conversion. VHS-tapes are in general noisy, blurry and tend to have color bleeding. Noise is a pain if you want to compress video using MPEG(1/2/4) in general. To put it simply MPEG works by updating the pixels which were changed compared to the previous frame. If you have noise pretty much the whole frame changes and you’ll get nasty looking blocks due to lack of data. To get around this you smooth but as a tradeoff you’ll get less sharpness. You can achieve somewhat good results but you almost never get “better” or equal quality.