Wedding slideshow, homemade DVD - mpeg/avi assistance

Hey cdfreaks team, need your help! My buddy’s wedding is coming up this week, and they need some emergency help in an area I myself am not too familiar in. So, here I am :slight_smile: They need a home DVD converted to MPEG or AVI so that the slideshow maker can do his thing.

My friend recorded the VHS tapes to DVD using a component liteOn dvd recorder. It was finalized. It works on his computer using WMP and stand-alone dvd player. It was a DVD+R.

When you open the disc contents in windows,

3 Folders open (and respective files in ()'s)

Audio_TS (empty)
Video_RM (1 video_rm.bup , 1 video_rm.ifo)

(1 video_ts.bup , vts_01_0 video_ts.ifo ,vts_01.0.ifo , video_ts.vob vts_01_1.vob vts_01_2.vob vts_01_3.vob)

The DVD has chapters from the liteon player (created everytime he hit stop)

To make the slideshow, the guy needs the DVD converted to either AVI or MPG -

** This is where we are stuck, and are confused as to which program free / commercial?

** what files to select from these two folders?

** Will the file be 1 large avi? or mpeg? Can we see each chapter before conversion?

Will AutoGK work? If so, would we select the same .ifo & .vob file names for input/output respectively?

Well, if you have the moment to give some useful guidance, would be amazing. Thank you as always. We are both in different locations so I will have to telephone him this information! I don’t have the DVD here, it is with him in another state :slight_smile:

Use Vob2Mpg to convert the .vob files within the Video_TS folder into one big mpeg file. There will be no quality loss in this process, as the .vob files are just a specialized form of mpeg2. Vob2Mpg merges them and names the resulting file with an .mpeg extension. It is a free program.

If you would prefer xvid avi files, you can use AutoGK for that, but you will compromise quality a bit by converting the files. Again, use the Video_TS folder as your input, specifically the IFO file within it.

Chapter points will be lost in either conversion.

Edit: One other note, changing the .vob files to mpeg will be very quick in comparison to converting to avi.

You might want to check out vob2mpg;

I’ve used it a few times to create mpg files from vob and it worked well.

Awesome thanks so much for the speedy replies - I am e-mailing these exact suggestions to him. Hopefully it will be a piece of cake! Thank you again, if there are any problems, I will let you know! :slight_smile:

If you want to preserve chapters, you can rip each chapter individually in a separate mpeg file. You can do that using DVD Decrypter, that is also free. It is not updated anymore, but since your DVD is not copy protected, you won’t have any problems. You can easily find plenty of guides to start working with it :wink: