Wedding Crashers Backup

I have a question on making a backup of Wedding Crashers…

I used anydvd and dvd decrypter to get it on my hard drive with no apparent problems. I then burned the backup on a Verbatim DL disc with DVDShrink. Of course no compression was needed since it was a DL disc.

My problem is this with my OPPO DVD player. On the main menu I can move the cursor around no problems. I then select “Play Movie” which brings me to the next screen which allows you to select uncorked or theatre versions. Problem is, I can not select either one! The menu cursor (a hand I believe) is gone on the second menu. Backup works fine on my computer with a mouse but I can’t play the movie on my Oppo dvd player.

Any ideas?

Hey CheapFlyer,

I had the same problem with many movies I was backing up on Dual-Layer. The only common factor was using DVD Shrink. DVD Shrink does not do so well with Dual-Layer from my experiences. I do not even use it anymore. I now only use DVD Decryptor, and DVDFab Decryptor to make backup images and burn them onto Dual-Layer discs. So far, it has worked flawlessly. I say stop using DVD Shrink for Dual-Layer. Hope this helps.

I forgot, one of my backups was Wedding Crashers. It worked with DVD Decryptor and/or FabDecryptor. I forget which one I used.

Update: I used CloneDVD instead of DVDShrink and it worked with no problems. I guess DVDShrink is starting to show its age…

Thanks for your help.


dvd shrink was/is a brilliant programe but alas the programmer who upgrades it has another job which requires him not to upgrade shrink therfore the movie makers can (hit) shrinks vunrabilities knowing it wont be upgraded :frowning:
i supose all good things come to an end :iagree: