Wedding Crashers backup crashed

Actually it never even started. I am trying to backup Wedding Crashers and I keep getting a error box. See attachment.

This appears to be a 1Click error message, when I use Nero I can see the file the error message refers to on the disc but I am not sure if it is necessary. 1Click does not remove it when I try to copy only the movie so I am assuming it is a necessary file. I am using the latest version of 1Click ( )And the latest updated version of anydvd. Can anyone help?

I had no trouble with ‘Wedding Crashers’ at all

Try creating a ‘new’ temp folder , I don’t understand where '…etc. ’ came from
It should read
C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\Application Data\1ClickDVDCopy\1ClickDvdCopy\VIDEO_TS"
or along those lines .

You might want to Refresh 1Click , Reinstall again over itself .

You’re not using a Mac are you ? ( ) :eek:

I actually did try reloading 1Click this morning and it did not seem to help. I am using a eMachines 3400. The file name is actually on Wedding Crashers disk, I can see it when I open the disc with Nero. I thought about trying to burn with Nero, but I just got it (it came loaded on my new computer). But I do not know how to use it yet. Here is what Nero shows me.

Not on mine , just Video_TS and Audio_TS ,
You are using AnyDVD , Do you have the option to remove 'PC Friendly" enabled ?
This is strange . :confused:

Is it possible the file was moved / left from something else ?
What happens when you delete this file ?

Read through this threadover at dvdrextreme , maybe this will help you .
It appears that you are not alone in this .

The link doesn’t work. I have not tried to delete the file, but I will and see what happens.

Cousin Eddie,
Copy the contents of the dvd to a folder you create on your desktop so it is easy to find. Delete the file in question. Open 1click and then the 1Click options and set your source as the folder you just created on your desktop, then save your settings and click start and 1Click should work fine!

The forum was down today ,
that’s why the link was out .
anyway , looks like 4Hams took care of you here :slight_smile:

That did the trick, thanks everyone for all of your help. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: